Recent Work

Occasionally, I remember to put my tear sheets here from recent assignments.  Thanks for looking.

The Wall Street Journal:
Photos for an article about how Taiwan’s night markets are becoming more international.  Click here for the full online version of the article, and here for the slideshow.

WSJ Night Markets

Taiwan Review:
Taiwan Review Magazine asked me for a general photo essay on travel and travel photography in Taiwan.

Taiwan Review-1sm Taiwan Review-3sm Taiwan Review-2sm

New York Magazine:
Images from Wulai public hot springs, and Keelung Night Market.

Taiwan stock photography

Forbes Asia:
A look at the Bunun Aboriginal Village near Taidong, Taiwan.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 026 Taiwan Editorial Photography 025 Taiwan Editorial Photography 024

Star Cruise Line’s Indulge Magazine:
A look into Taiwan tradition of tea.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 023 Taiwan Editorial Photography 022 Taiwan Editorial Photography 021

Action Asia Magazine:
A quick write up on one of my hiking company’s favorite hikes, The Sixiu.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 027

Lexus Taiwan Magazine:
A feature on yours truly and my adventures in the mountains of Taiwan. :)

Taiwan Editorial Photography 019 Taiwan Editorial Photography 018

Departures International:
A fun look into the ever growing artistic side of Taiwan.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 017 Taiwan Editorial Photography 016 Taiwan Editorial Photography 015

The Wall Street Journal:
Still photos and video for this article on Taiwanese robot manufacturers.  (Click the link)

Robots May Revolutionize China’s Electronics Manufacturing

WSJ Robots

International Campaign for Tibet:
I often contribute to ICT’s yearly calendar.  For 2014, I was lucky enough to get three months and the cover.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 014 Taiwan Editorial Photography 013 Taiwan Editorial Photography 012 Taiwan Editorial Photography 011

Pacific Lutheran University Magazine:
Environmental portrait of a very dynamic graduate, currently working in Taiwan.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 001

Eva Air’s EnVoyage Magazine:
I contributed for this article on some of the adventurous activities available in Taiwan.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 002 Taiwan Editorial Photography 004 Taiwan Editorial Photography 003

Taiwan Review:
A six page article that I wrote and photographed on Taiwan’s high mountains.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 005 Snow Mountain, Jade Mountain Taiwan Editorial Photography 006

Korea Air’s Morning Calm Magazine:
I flew to Jakarta, Indonesia for this article on a common street food called Krupuk.

Taiwan Editorial Photography 008 Taiwan Editorial Photography 010 Taiwan Editorial Photography 009

Taiwan Tourism Bureau:
Advertising on billboards, bus sides, and subway posters in Australia.

Taiwan Travel Photography 002 Taiwan Travel Photography 001

Delta Sky Magazine:
A quick assignment for an article written by Lisa Ling.

Taiwan Travel Photography 003

Lonely Planet Magazine:
One of my favorite spreads ever!

Travel Photography

GEO Special Magazine:

Taiwan Travel Photography 005

Columbia Law School Magazine:
A corporate portrait of the lovely Marianne Chao.

Taiwan Travel Photography 006

Korea Air’s Morning Calm Magazine:
I had a great time shooting this 10 page spread on Taiwan’s street food.

Taiwan Travel Photography 007 Taiwan Travel Photography 011 Taiwan Travel Photography 010 Taiwan Travel Photography 009 Taiwan Travel Photography 008

Dragon Air’s Silkroad Magazine:
A fun travel article for an in-flight, shot down in Kaohsiung.

Taiwan Travel Photography 012 Taiwan Travel Photography 013

Legal Strategy Review:
Corporate portrait of Dr. Richard Thurston.

Taiwan Photographer 015

National Geographic Online Magazine:
My work has been picked up twice from NG.  This time, it was used in an online tutorial.

Taiwan Photographer 016

Sungard Ambit:
Advertising portraiture of Jennifer Cheng.

Taiwan Photographer 013

Forbes Asia:
CEO corporate portraiture.

Taiwan Photographer 012

Athabasca University:
A fun environmental portrait with an long distance student.

Taiwan Photographer 011

A fun portrait shoot where we coordinated video and photos.

portrait photography taiwan Taiwan Portrait Photographer 010

China Airline’s Dynasty Magazine:
An article about Keelung and the wonderful sights that surround it, with a cover shot.

Taiwan Photographer 005 Taiwan Photographer 006 Taiwan Photographer 007 Taiwan Photographer 008

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