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Taiwan Aboriginies

I’ve been sick this weekend and therefore have been stuck hanging around the house.  To make things worse, the local Xindian (Ami) Aboriginies are having a big party…at the base of my building.  I started my day wanting to shoot them (literally) for waking me from my self-loathing slumber.  But eventually, after hours of listening to these people having fun when I’m sick, all the music, singing, dancing and shouts of happiness forced me to investigate.

Through my crappy Chinese reading and speaking ability attempts, I think that this event is a prequalifier for a larger dance contest to be held somewhere else.  But I’m really not sure.

Taiwan’s aboriginal people are thought to have lived on the island for 8,000 years.  They’re of Austronesian descent (think South Pacific) and don’t seem to have any lineage to Chinese people at all.  There are currently 14 recognized tribes in Taiwan, with many different languages (even within the same tribe).  I am pretty sure that all of the people dancing below my building today are from the local Ami tribes.  For those of you that would like to learn more about Taiwan’s aboriginals, check out:

The Tribes of Taiwan

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

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