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Belly Dancers, et al.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a belly dancer and a male model at a recent get-together for the opening of First Zoom Studios, in Shilin, Taiwan.  It was fun to get together with some other local photographers.

I had an idea right from the start for the belly dancer, and with some additional advice on dance moves from the lovely Eszter, we came up with a photo that I’m quite happy with.  For the main light, I used a softbox umbrella on a Alien Bees 800 and two black cards to turn it onto a strip light.  The hair light was a Sunpak 555, orange gelled and snooted.

A belly dancer dances seductively.

After shooting with Eszter, I wanted to shoot a strong portrait with the male model on hand, Eduardo.  For something a little different, I decided to take Eduardo into the alleyway behind the studios and use a brick wall as a background.  I used a single small softbox with a Nikon SB-800 to light him up.  Simple, but effective.

A latino male model leans confidently against a brick wall.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much lately, but life has been very busy in good ways!  I’ll try to step it up in the next few months and get a few more blog posts up.


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Saturday Skate Day in Taipei

In Taipei, Taiwan, Saturday often means skateboarding day for me and my friends.  We’ll go to many different street spots around the city and county and often head to another city like Taichung.  It’s usually the same group of my friends: Dave, John, Chris, myself, and lately Gav.  We have a few friends in other cities, and a few other guys in Taipei skate, but we don’t seem to see them as often.

Taiwan is a great place to skate because unlike most places in the western world, we rarely get kicked out of spots by angry security guards.  Lucky for our group of (slightly) older skaters, there are also a lot of banks, wall-rides, and transitions to skate.  There’s also an abundant supply of 7-11s for when the session starts to wind down.

This past Saturday, I was in the mood to shoot some pictures.  I don’t always like shooting skate pics, because usually I’d much rather skate or just hang out.  It’s also difficult to carry all the gear required needed to get good pictures.  We usually take the MRT or walk/skate from spot to spot and the nearly 80 lbs of gear can obviously wear me down.  Sure, I could just carry a camera and shoot natural light photos, but skateboarding photography usually requires a few remote strobes to isolate the subject from the background and give the picture more “pop”.

I actually wanted to get some lifestyle pictures this weekend, and the first picture of John was an attempt at that, but as the day went on, we ended up shooting a lot more skate photos.  It’s alright though, because we got some good ones.

Post Script – Please, please, please don’t wear black shirts on skate photo day!!!

John with his lifestyle shot.  Not exactly what I wanted but it worked out ok.  John walks around like that all the time... I swear.  He also thinks Sanchong is Awesome, Dude.

John with his lifestyle shot. Not exactly what I wanted but it worked out ok. John walks around like that all the time... I swear. He also thinks Sanchong is "Awesome, Dude."

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