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Random Pictures from Taiwan #1

Taiwan really has some great photography possibilities just sitting around, waiting to be shot.

I recently bought a new, smaller DSLR and have been happily carrying it around with me a lot more often then my old, heavy one.

Because of that, I have quite a few new blog ideas lined up in my head, but I’m currently working on a couple of actual paying projects and just don’t have the time to write them.

So I’ll submit a few random pictures that I’ve shot since buying that new camera.  Some of these will be in blogs in the future, and some are truly just random, walk around pictures.  I’ll let you guess which are which.

A girl walks up steps at the subway exit for Lungshan Temple, Taipei, Taiwan.

A girl walks up steps at the subway exit for Lungshan Temple, Taipei, Taiwan.

More photography from Taiwan after the jump…

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Techniques #2 Patience

There’s nothing more important to photography that patience.  Whether you’re working with a nervous model or waiting for that perfect moment, you need to be patient. I’m going to talk about patients in regards to travel photography.

I can say for certain that 90% of my photographs are well planned out.  Often they’re planned out days or months before I get to where I’m going.  And yes, I’m even talking about travel destinations that I’ve never been to.  Go online.  Do a google image search for the place you’re going.  Check stock agencies like Magnum, Corbis, Getty, and PhotoShelter to see what the place looks like.  Try Flickr, TrekEarth, and National Geographic.  If you do some research on the place you’re going, you’ll be more ready for it when you get there.  You’ll know that sunrise is the time to be at Angkor Wat… sunset is a great time to be at India’s Golden Temple…

Learn more about patience after the jump…

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