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Jialuo Hu 加羅湖 Revisited

Jialuo Hu 加羅湖 is a mountain lake found high in the mountains of northern Taiwan. Only 70km southwest of Yilan, the trail head is a three hour drive from Taipei. The hike to the lake takes about another three hours, making this an awesome weekend away from Taipei’s bright lights.

This was the second time we hiked up to the beautiful lake, so I’ll keep this post short, and get right to the newest pictures:

Dream Catcher at Lake

A dream catcher-like spider web reflects the morning sun on Jialuo Hu Lake, near Yilan, Taiwan.

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Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lotus Lake is a beautiful area to explore in Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan (台灣高雄蓮池潭).  I had an opportunity to spend the afternoon there just before Chinese New Year, 2009.

The lake is man made and a popular tourist destination.  It has many temples and pagodas, including the Spring and Autumn Pavilions (春秋閣), the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (龍虎塔), and the Confucian Temple (孔廟).  It can be walked around in half a day while still seeing all the sights.

I was unable to find much information on most attractions around the lake, but I’ve provided what I know.

The zigzaging entrance way to the Dragon Tiger Towers in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The zigzaging entrance way to the Dragon Tiger Towers in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

More from Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung after the jump…

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