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Travel Image from the Archives

Here’s number two in this series.  This one is from a hill village near Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma).  The caption explains it all.

Myanmar Burma Buddhist Stupa

These kids are playing a game of tag on a stupa in a hill village near the town of Kalaw, Myanmar. These religious monuments are very common in Burma and can be found in every village.

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Techniques #2 Patience

There’s nothing more important to photography that patience.  Whether you’re working with a nervous model or waiting for that perfect moment, you need to be patient. I’m going to talk about patients in regards to travel photography.

I can say for certain that 90% of my photographs are well planned out.  Often they’re planned out days or months before I get to where I’m going.  And yes, I’m even talking about travel destinations that I’ve never been to.  Go online.  Do a google image search for the place you’re going.  Check stock agencies like Magnum, Corbis, Getty, and PhotoShelter to see what the place looks like.  Try Flickr, TrekEarth, and National Geographic.  If you do some research on the place you’re going, you’ll be more ready for it when you get there.  You’ll know that sunrise is the time to be at Angkor Wat… sunset is a great time to be at India’s Golden Temple…

Learn more about patience after the jump…

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My Love Affair with Aperture

I bought a new computer about 6 months ago.  I feel like I shouldn’t even call it a computer… it’s not.  It’s an Apple MacBook Pro.  It’s awesome.  The LED screen, the fast processor, the 4 gigs of memory, even the keyboard is awesome!  I could go on and on, but the real thing I’m mostly in love with is the software it came with (or I bought soon thereafter).  Specifically, Apple Aperture.

If you’re a professional or semi professional photographer, you need to check out this application.  It does 95% of what I need a photo application to do.  I love not having to open Photoshop and deal with those drop down menus!

It’s taken me nearly 6 months to learn all the in’s and out’s (I’m a slow learner), but… like… WOW!

OK, I’m not a software reviewer so I’m not going to get too in depth, but the way that Aperture catalogs and allows you to browse your photos is brilliant.  I’ve recently been importing all my old pictures and have come across quite a few that I forgot about and have been having a great time seeing for the first time in years!  Here are a few that I forgot about:

This first one is Shwedagon Pagoda.  The truth is that there’s not much happening in the picture.  But look at that architecture!  Brings back good memories!

This is Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar).  Truthfully, there's not much happening in this picture...But look at that architecture!!!  What a beautiful place!

This is Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar). Truthfully, there's not much happening in this picture...But look at that architecture!!! What a beautiful place!

A shower somewhere else in Burma (Myanmar)

A shower somewhere else in Burma (Myanmar)

Number two shows a bit of my artsy side, I suppose.  I remember walking to this shower with my camera and tripod and a travel companion asked me something along the lines of, “What the hell are you doing?”  I told him that the shower was kinda f**ked up, but it looked nice.  He said, “Yeah, it’s f**ked up good.”

Angkor Wat, near Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, near Siem Reap, Cambodia

The photo from Angkor wat is just a nice look at the worship practices of the people in Cambodia.  I’ve had a similar photo on my website for years, but totally forgot about this one shot from the front.

People dancing in two large circles in Lijiang, China's town square.

People dancing in two large circles in Lijiang, China

I have a similar one to this last one on my website too, but this one sticks out for some reason.  I think I went with the other one on my website because that guy in the sweat suit sticks out a bit too much.

So that’s it.  Apertures rules because it lets you easily find old photos and edit them in .01 seconds.  If you’re not at least a semi-professional photographer, the $200 price might be a bit too much… but truthfully, it’s not that bad.

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