Here are some links that go directly to my website’s galleries.  If you’d just like to go to the index page click Neil Wade Photography.

Portrait Gallery
Japanese Geisha

Travel Gallery
Travel Gallery

Sports Gallery
Sports and Action Photography Gallery

Taiwan Gallery
A Taiwan Photographer's Travel Gallery

Japan Gallery
Japan Photo Gallery from a Travel Photographer

Tibet Gallery
Travel Photographer's Tibet Photo Gallery

Tibet Portrait Gallery
A Travel Photographer's Tibet Portrait Gallery

India Gallery
Travel Photography - India Photo Gallery and Archive

Laos Gallery
Laos Photo Gallery and Archive

Cambodia Gallery
Travel Photography - Cambodia Photo Gallery and Archive

Burma (Myanmar) Gallery
Travel and Editorial Photography - Burma (Myanmar) Photo Gallery and Archive

Nepal Gallery
Travel Photography and Nepal Gallery and Archive

Other Places Gallery
Other Places Gallery


15 thoughts on “Galleries

  1. globetrotteri

    Wow. You really are incredibly talented, Neil. Every single photo on this page just blows me away.

  2. hipatija

    Apsolute divine,pictures are more than words can describe…I always wanted to go to Nepal,Tibet,India….your pictures are nice way to sense a magic those places have…

  3. You have definitely captured a lot of WOAH-factors for me already! Fabulous!

  4. rantingcynic

    Yes, these are the images I like to see…

  5. asrarudin

    I love all your photos guys..
    It’s totally awesome

    hey..I’m from INDONESIA

  6. Great stuff, man. Always nice to see the work of a peer. You should add buttons to the bottom of your posts to digg, stumble, etc your content.-Tom

  7. More trees! Please!


  8. You have taken amazing pictures, really beautiful to look at. Keep up the great work.

  9. Ming

    Great photos!

  10. Your photos are amazing. Great work

  11. Jen

    Some of these photos are absolutely gorgeous. What camera do you use?

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