Travel Images from the Archive

Travel Image from the Archives

This travel image is from the famous Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  An amazing place to see and explore, Angkor Wat should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Buddhist Worship at Angkor Wat

The artwork at Angkor has the influence of two major religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. Here, like in India, it’s nice to see two very tolerant religions live side by side without conflict. It’s a peaceful message that many of the world’s other religions should take heed from.

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Travel Image from the Archives

Here’s number two in this series.  This one is from a hill village near Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma).  The caption explains it all.

Myanmar Burma Buddhist Stupa

These kids are playing a game of tag on a stupa in a hill village near the town of Kalaw, Myanmar. These religious monuments are very common in Burma and can be found in every village.

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Travel Image from the Archives

Every two weeks or so, I’m going to upload an old travel image from my archives.  Here’s the first.

Amritsar[x] View photos from you or from everyone Asia[x] beliefs[x] clean[x] Golden Temple[x] Hindu[x] holy[x] India[x] meditate[x] peaceful[x] pray[x] religion[x] Sikh[x] sit[x] subcontinent[x] sunset[x] swim[x] temple[x] The Golden Temple[x] turban[x] worship

One of the most beautiful places in all the world has to be The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. It’s the most important temple of the Sikh religion, and an incredible place of peace and beauty. Sikh pilgrims come from all over the world to meditate here and are welcomed by open arms and incredible kindness. The site has a free dormitory (even for western visitors) and the cafeteria serves 20,000 free meals a day. Originally a lake known for it’s beauty, that many, even the Buddha, came to meditate at. The temple in the middle of the lake was completed in 1604. It has unfortunately been the site of many battles involving the Sikhs, but remains a place of peace. As you walk around the lake, barefooted and listening to the peaceful music and nonstop reading of the Sikh holy verses, you’re greeted warmly by pilgrims and local Sikhs, all happy to see foreigners enjoying their place of peace.

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