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My 7 Links

My 7 Links is a project started by someone somewhere that basically asks bloggers to find 7 of their old posts for 7 different categories. Since I’m trying to light the proverbial blogging fire under my keister again, it seems like a good idea to help me out a little.

So without further blather, I give you my 7:

1. Your Most Beautiful Post:

This is probably the hardest one to choose, but I went with a one time event that I shot a few years ago.  It was the opening ceremonies for the 2009 Taipei Deaflympics, an international event that brought a lot of people to the city.  The city hired a carnival of-sorts to put on the opening show.  It was a really beautiful event with acrobats on cranes and balloons and I was quite happy with the images that I left with.

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Three Ways to Get Inspired

It’s been a looong time since I’ve posted one of these.  The main reason is that I now have a fan page on facebook, and I’ll often share stuff like this over there.

But recently, I’ve come across sooo many inspiring websites, videos and blogs that I thought I’d share a few.

The first is a nearly hour long interview with Tim Mantoani for Photoshelter.  A bit long for the casual viewer, but one of the best interviews with anyone, on any subject that I’ve ever seen.  His passion for photography will definitely rub off on you.  Definitely a must see for anyone working in a creative field.

Please continue reading for more inspiration.

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Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun!

Now for something completely different…

I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut lately.  Why?  Let’s just say that I now understand why some of of the greatest artworks from some of the greatest artists came from them when they were at their lowest (life’s been good).

In an attempt to get out of this rut, I’ve tried a few things (sabotaging my life isn’t one of them).  Some failed, some succeeded, and some are still under wraps.  But I have rekindled my love of  photography and hopefully some new personal projects will be coming forth.   I suggest that if you’re also in a creative rut, think of something silly like this to get you take your camera out more often.  (I also recommend you watch this video.)

About as far as it can get from my usual portrait work, I present you with my “Face Project”.

funny faces

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Quick Notes and Housekeeping

Just a few quick notes today:

I’m happy to report that I’ve had another photo picked up by National Geographic.  It’s a photo of Keelung’s Miakou Night Market I shot while on assignment a few years ago.

I’ve also recently won an award from the website Taiwanderful for “Best Taiwan Photography Blog” along with Craig Ferguson.

Craig and I are also jointly starting a virtual stock photography agency currently called Asia Stock Photo Agency (I know, clever name).  It’s in its infancy and we’re still uploading tons of photos, but already we have nearly 2,000 photos from all over Asia.

At the same time, I’ve been busy processing, keywording and captioning thousands of stock photos from my travels and my commercial work so have a look at my new website when you get a chance.

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Interesting Links

We’ll start off this installment of “Interesting Links” by tooting my own horn. I just set up a new portfolio/stock website that can be found at  I set it up using PhotoShelter’s “Custom” website maker.  It’s really not all that custom unless you really go crazy with the CSS, but I’m still very happy with the results.  It’s fast loading and clean, and allows me to sell my stock straight from each gallery.  I’ll be stocking the “Archives” with lots and lots of photos over the next few weeks, so check back if you want to delve deeper into my photography than I usually show publicly.

The second link is actually much more exciting and much more funner!  It’s my good friend Errandboy’s new website.  It’s the best flash based website that I’ve ever seen, and a lot of fun to just play around on…  Remember, don’t act you age unless you’re 8.

One of my partners-in-crime switched platforms recently.  Stu Dawson went from Blogger to WordPress and now has a beautiful blog still called Hiking Taiwan.  Check it out for good information on many hikes in Taiwan’s beautiful mountains.

Taiwanderful is holding a Taiwan bloggers contest for the best blog in Taiwan.  Myself, Stu, and many of our friends are entered.  Have a look to find interesting blogs about all aspects of life in Taiwan and vote for your favorite.

Like to look at pretty (and smart) women?  Have a gander at Jaclynn Joseph’s new modeling portfolio website.  She’s professional model and an expat here in Taiwan and recently put this website together.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any links you’d like included, add them in the comments below!


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Interesting Links

I haven’t posted a “Links” post in a long time, so I have quite a few… Let’s get to it:

My good friend Bryan Lathrop finally got a website up.  He’s a freelance photographer in Philadelphia shooting all kinds of different stuff.  Check the “Things” gallery for some real cool “Painting with Light”-type still lives.  This is a technique I’ve been meaning to write a post about but I’ve been having trouble fining the equipment I need in Taiwan…  Soon though… soon.

Cool Iris is a great add on to Firefox.  (I’m not sure if it works with other browsers)  It a much faster and cleaner way to view multiple photos on flickr or facebook or most sites that have a lot of photos.  I found that I needed to change the settings a little to keep myself from getting sick as I scrolled through (you’ll see), but it’s definitely cool.

Anther great add-on I found for Firefox is Autopager.  It automatically loads the next page when surfing many sites with all those numbered pages at the bottom.  It also works great with flickr and similar websites and saves a lot of time.

Here’s just an awesome photo of a volcano erupting.

From the “Fake Human Being Files” comes a fake woman.  It’s just an example that portraits are so easy to take now that you don’t even need a subject… or flashes… or a camera.

Want to go to college for photography? has all the info you’ll need on choosing the right one.

And lastly is the most comprehensively written article on choosing photo equipment that I’ve ever read.  Alexandre Buisse wrote an article for The Luminous Landscape about the photography equipment he chooses to take mountain climbing and why.  I know most of you aren’t going to go on a big mountain expedition anytime soon, but reading this article is a reminder of the thought that sometimes needs to go into choosing photography gear.  Whether it’s for a big mountain adventure or a walk down the street… And it’s also a reminder that you don’t need all that flashy-super-expensive equipment!!!


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Inspirational Links and Hosekeeping Notes

Photographers in Taiwan have it pretty good.  There are loads of clubs, groups and organizations that form a diverse community of creative people.

Today I have a few different things to talk about, but I’m going to start with the more interesting stuff, the Inspirational Photography Links.”

Specifically, I want to point out some of my favorite Flickr photographers.  Lately, I’ve been finding myself scrolling endlessly through the inspirational work by these diverse photographers.  I don’t think I’ve ever met any of these people, or even had correspondence with them, but I’d like to thank them for their inspiration by giving some link love:

First is my favorite abstract photographer, Happy715.  He has an eye for juxtaposition like no one I’ve ever come across.  I’ve often viewed his photostream in amazement, hoping to open my eyes to some of these beautiful everyday sights.

Next up are several that I’ll put in the “Lomographer” group.  I have no idea if all of them (or any of them) use Lomos, but they all have a beautiful artistic view of the world:  A-MI♥ Cherie ♥, Chia-Yi Lin, and 油姬 (particularly this one),  Thank you for your fine work.

Doing some great model photography is tyrandelf080.  And rounding out the the list are callbusybiz, alidarbac and Penelope’s Loom… each with their own style, and all three are members of flickr’s Taiwan Photo Club.

One other note from Flickr, Craig Fergusion has set up a very interesting “Photo Walk” for Taipei.  It’s an interesting social gathering for photographers started by Scott Kelby.  If you’re in Taipei, come out and join us; if you’re in just about any other city in the world, you can join here.

Housekeeping Notes:

You might have noticed that my URL has changed.  “Neil Wade’s Photography Blog” is now located at  All my old “” links should still work, but I’ve lost a little google mojo and might have lost some RSS subscribers…  Sorry, just hit the “Suscribe in a reader” and resubscribe.

I haven’t changed the name to “Taiwan Photography Blog” because, frankly, I just don’t think I can handle all that responsibility.  I’ll keep the name and the content the same…  again, “sorry” for any confusion.

One last thing is that I’ll be back in The US in September!  WHOO HOO!!!  I’ll be in Philly chillin’ with the parents for a few weeks, then I have an assignment in Colorado.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all the old “peeps” then!!!

(OK, Ill give you one photo - This one is from the last years Dragon Boat Festival in Xindian (Taipei), Taiwan.

(OK, I'll give you one photo - This one is from the last year's Dragon Boat Festival in Xindian (Taipei), Taiwan.


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Inspirational Photography Links #7

Just one for you today.

I saw this video and it reminded me of what sets great photographers apart from good ones.  Besides the fact that it was shot with still images, both artists (the photographer and the painter) reminded me of some simple advice that I once heard.

I’d like to open it up to discussion and hear what you guys think.  (Please comment below!)

I’ll tell you what it reminded me of in a few days!

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Inspirational Photography Links #6

The first set of links is a bit like watching a video in high school…  I swear it even has the same commentator!  Someone posted three videos that Canon made to show people how their long glass is made.  Here’s the first, second and third in the series.  They might be a bit boring if you’re not a bit of a science or photo nerd.

Next to the blog of David Tejada.  I’m not sure exactly what to call it:  either “The F-Stops here” or “Annual Report Photographer”…  whatever, he has some good narratives and videos on small strobe lighting.

Number three is called PixSylated.  It’s another blog about small flash/strobe lighting and has LOADS of information.

And the last one is your cool, artsy link of the day.  I’ve linked to Simon Hogsberg before.  Remember “We’re All Gonna Die“?  This one is a project he did where he stopped random people on the street and asked them what they were thinking about at that very moment.  It’s called “The Thought Project.”  Cool.


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Inspirational Photography Links #5

I just have two quick links for today.

The first I found over at Chase Jarvis’s Blog.  It’s definitely cool.  It seems that GE (of all people) is on the cutting edge of holograms.  If you have a computer with a web cam, you can watch and control a neat-o hologram right on your computer.  You should follow the directions over at Chase’s site because the ones on the GE’s site aren’t as good.  I was pretty amazed.  It’s one of those things that makes you think, “What’s next?”

The second is about a guy who made a cargo truck into a camera.  Yes, a cargo truck… into a camera, as in, the WHOLE truck.  He has a video on youtube too.


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Inspirational Photography Links #4

I’ve been crazy busy lately, but I always seem to find some time to waste on the good old internet.  Here are a few interesting links that I’ve recently come across.

The first one I’m dieing to use.  Its a page explaining how to get interesting shapes in the bokeh of your pictures.  For those that don’t know, “bokeh” is actually a Japanese word that means “the out of focus area” in a picture (See the first sentence of the tutorial).  Remember my tutorial on taking portraits?  You could use the method explained on this page to make small lights in the background appear to be shapes that you choose.  I’m really interested in trying this, and other techniques with some models so if anyone is interested, please contact me.

Next is a project done by German photographer Simon Hogsberg.  He made a 100 meter long picture by putting hundreds of pictures together in Photoshop.  It’s called We’re All Gonna Die!  Cool.

Third is an interesting use of Photoshop.  It seems a Russian photographer found the exact spots where old photographs from 1941 were taken, and took new pictures.  He then stitched them together in Photoshop to make some interesting studies on the past.  Number two and six are my favorites.

Thanks for reading.

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Inspirational Photography Links #3

A lazy, long holiday weekend has led me to some cool on-line discoveries.  I probably shouldn’t call this post “Inspirational Photography Links,” just “Links” or maybe “Nerdy Links” but I like to try to keep everything neat and orderly.

The first one is just cool…  And by “cool” I mean all my fellow nerds out there will like it.  It’s a page with some pictures from NASA’s landing rovers on the surface of Mars.  Scroll down about 6 pictures until you come to the animated gifs of dust devils rolling across the screen…  How cool is that?!?!

Number deux is one that the skaters and design nerds will like.  It’s a blog called Club Mumble and features the work of some talented skateboard photographers, designers and other nerds.  It gets updated, like 20 times a day so it’s a good one to check often.

Number 三 is for the all the professional and semi-pro photographers out there.  It’s a link to the U.S. Copyright office.  Copyrighting your photographs is incredibly important for many reasons, but basically if someone steals one of your pictures off the internet and tries to claim them as their own, it makes it a lot easier to prove that the picture is yours.  In these days of Flickr, facebook, and the crappy economy, you should protect yourself.  Even if you’re not a American citizen, I think this is still your best option.  It’s easy and cheap, so quit being lazy (like me) and get you pictures properly copyrighted!

The last one is for the travel nerds.  We can all bitch about how bad Lonely Planet Guidebooks can sometimes be, and yet we’re all out there carrying them around.  Well, they did something pretty cool for once; They are now allowing you to download specific sections from different books.  So if you’re going to visit a small part of China, you don’t have to buy the whole book and carry that heavy-assed thing (trust me) around with you. Just download the chapter you want, and pint it on your own printer… nice.

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Inspirational Photography Links #2

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season! I hope you have a great new year!!!

The first link is a hard hitting one. Media Storm is a website dedicated to multimedia projects.  It has short presentations with photography, video and audio.

Flak Photo is a blogzine that takes submissions of “distinctive work”.  They seem to like a contemporary style, and have some inspiring stuff.

Another online magazine is Burn. It’s brand new and only has a post or two, but promises to inspire.  It’s curated by
Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.

Last weekend, we had a meet up of the Flickr “Taiwan Photo Club“.  About 30 people showed up in a great space provided to us by Yuma Grill in Taipei.  We ate some good food, looked at a lot of good pictures and had some fun.  Darren Melrose led the discussion and organized everything.  I met a lot of great photographers that live in Taiwan and I’m going to try to post all their links (If I miss you or give the wrong link, Email me and I’ll fix it!):

Craig Ferguson is a great photographer with a website and an active blog.

Michael Geier has a website called “Discover Formosa” and a blog with some fantastic photography.

David Reid is a blogger with some great information and in-site to Taiwan.  One of his websites is called David on Formosa.

Ashish Ashlin has a blog called “Tumbling in Taiwan” (love the name) with information and photography from Taiwan.  I haven’t had a lot of time to look around it yet, but it looks good!

I’ve added all of the above Taiwan-type links to my side bar… Nice to meet you all!

The club is currently running a scavenger hunt with 26 (!!!) things to find.  You need to shoot a photo for each letter of the alphabet.  All the information can be found here.  I don’t know if I’ll be getting anywhere near 26, but I’ll give it a shot.  We’re meeting again after Chinese New Year (Early February) *correction- the new meeting will be 11 January at Yuma Grill again* so if you’re interested, join!

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Inspirational Photography Links #1

Being sick today has led me to lots of internet surfing.  I almost wrote a rant about how you should all be putting titles, captions, and keywords on all your pictures over at Flickr, but that might be the virus talking (but just in case I get angry about it again, I saved the draft).  So I cooled off and started to look around at properly captioned photographs on other sites.

I’m starting to get more and more amazed with this so-called “internet” thing and have found myself using it more and more.  It can be quite inspiring, can’t it?

Here are my inspiring photogrpahy links for the day:

From Magnum, a whole bunch of amazing multimedia essays…  Not to be missed.

A new blog on my blog rounds called APhotoEditor that’s not necessarily inspiring, but damn informative.

An interview with Trevor Graves on Too Much Chocolate, a new website that “specifically aims to serve and connect young emerging editorial/fine art based photographers all over the internet.”  Trevor has been an inspiration to me since way back in my skateboarding/snowboarding photography days.  He runs a studio called Nemo in Portland Oregon.  Nemo Photogrpahy’s blog and website.

And one more:

Hitler rants on the new Nikon D3x.

Cheers, don’t forget to drink some orange juice.

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