Old vs New

I had some time on my hands at the beginning of the summer and decided to shoot this series of black and whites of Taipei 101 contrasted with older buildings in the foreground.  It was a fun little project that got me out on my bike scouting locations and exploring new neighborhoods.

My original plan was to display them all as an 8×10 crop because that’s what black and white is to me, but then I shot a few a bit too tight so it didn’t work out.  The color one at the end just works well in color, so I left it as so.  Most of these look really nice if viewed bigger than I have displayed here, so click on them to view them on my website, or go to the flickr gallery and click the full screen icon.


Taipei 101 - Old vs New

Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New
Taipei 101 - Old vs New

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9 thoughts on “Old vs New

  1. Kah Siong

    Excellent photos!

  2. david

    wow. very nice!

  3. Beautiful images,were they taken in hdr or just long exposure then some post processing in lightroom?
    Have been thinking of taking a trip to Taiwan and this has persuaded me

    • Thank you. Most, but not all, were shot with HDR. But truthfully, I could have gotten almost the same effect from one properly exposed image.

  4. May Lee

    Hi Neil, I’ve just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it! This post is great, I love the contrast of old & new, and the shots with light trails are just great (I love a good light trail)! Looking forward to more posts from Taiwan!

  5. These are really good cityscapes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen light trails in black and white before so thanks for introducing me to that! Maybe I’ll try it some time. The monochrome images work very well.

  6. They look really nice as a series! My eyes went hunting for Taipei 101 as I scroll through the images. :)

  7. Elliott

    Just starred at the fourth from the top for a while. So amazing. Great photos, and thanks for sharing.

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