Taiwan Adventures Online Guide Book

Taiwan Adventures Online Guide Book is a project that my partners and I have been working on for the better part of the last year.  It is a free, online travel guide to Taiwan.  It has over 800 entries, is available in English and 中文, and will very soon be available as an iPhone App (Ready sometime before the end of September).

It has been A LOT of work to compile, visit, photograph and write about all of these places, but it has also been really rewarding.  Hopefully now I can get back on track and start writing some blog posts about the best of these wonderful places.

An online guidebook to Taiwan with lots of travel information and advice.

My fellow writers on this big project are Stu Dawson, Phil Dawson, and Ross Tweedie.  The four of us have had some great adventures while researching for the guide.

We visited Kaohsiung and Xiuliuqui on a wild weekend…

Stu and I went to Taroko Gorge, Hualian, The Rift Valley and the Central East Coast on a grueling 5 day motorcycle trip…

We, together or separately, visited old favorites like Jiufen and Sun Moon Lake

And found some new favorites in places like Neiwan and Yunlin.

I promise to write some in-depth posts about the beauty that I found soon.  But first we need to do the finishing touches on the iPhone App and take care of a few odds and ends.  Until that time, have a look at the iPhone App screen shots below, and STAY TUNED FOR EVEN MORE!!!

Get the only insiders iPhone guide to Taiwan.


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9 thoughts on “Taiwan Adventures Online Guide Book

  1. Please let me know when it is available, will be nice to have a Taiwan guidebook with good photography.

  2. Thanks for this guide. It’s hard to find information on some of these places even existing, much less what to do there.

  3. Neil, that’s terrific, really. I always thought bloggers should come together to do something like that.

    Browsed a bit through the guide, loved it. it’s all very well done. -jealous-

  4. Bill

    Hello, thanks for great efforts. That’s a fantastic programme. btw, do you also have something on Android system that I can share with friends before their departure to Taiwan? tks a lot in advance

  5. i try looking into it but seems like it’s down ? i have a nice domain http://taiwanguides.com sitting around … maybe we can work on it together … i think the useful resources not in use is a pity.

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