Ghost Month in Taiwan

Ghost Month is a traditional celebration held in most Chinese communities around the world, and of course in Taiwan. It is believed that this month is a sort-of vacation for all the ghosts living in Hell, and they are welcomed to walk the earth among the living.  Many special precautions are taken to insure that the ghosts don’t hang around, like burning spirit money, guarding ones address and not moving house for fear that one of the ghosts might decide to stay in the new house.

In Taiwan, no city celebrates Ghost Month more vigorously than the harbor city of Keelung (基隆).  They have parades, ceremonies and other events on almost every day of that month.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend as many events as I would have liked this year, but I did get to one of the most important days, the Ghost Festival Parade held on the 15th day of Ghost Month.

Ghost Festival in Taiwan 2011

One of the musicians in the 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival Parade relaxes before the start.

Keelung Taiwan Ghost Festival Parade

The 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival Parade was popular as always.

Keelung Taiwan Ghost Festival

A parader waits for the start of the 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival Parade.

Keelung Ghost Month

A marcher in the 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival Parade throws gifts to the crowd.

Paraders carry a dragon in the 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival.

Paraders carry a dragon in the 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival.

Taiwan Ghost Month

A woman marches in costume in the Keelung Ghost Festival.

Keelung Ghost Festival

I'm really not sure what these guys were doing in the parade, but they had a lot of enthusiasm!

Taiwan Ghost Month Parade

A Taiwanese marching band performs in the Keelung Ghost Festival Parade.

Ghost Month in Taiwan

A motorcycler performs in the 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival Parade.

Taiwan Ghost Month

Dancing girls promote "No Smoking" at the 2011 Keelung Ghost Festival Parade.

Taiwan Night Market

The Miakou Night Market in Keelung is always busy on weekends, but was absolutely heaving on the day of the Ghost Festival Parade.

Travel to Keelung using Taiwan Adventures Online Travel Guide.

Read more about Keelung, Taiwan in another post that I wrote.

Thanks for looking.

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7 thoughts on “Ghost Month in Taiwan

  1. Tory

    Very cool Neil, thank you for the cultural lesson, reminds me of dia de la muerte of Mexico except that they celebrate the dead, not still fear it… Love looking through you pictures, you have done well for yourself, looks good on you!

  2. Li-Ling

    Thank you so much for these amazing shots! Feeling nostalgic!!

  3. love the way you have captured the feeling and movement in these

  4. nice post. never knew anything about this ghost month. thanks for sharing. its amazing both the post and the images.

  5. Amazing photos, thank you for sharing! It has been years since I left Taiwan and had forgotten how big an event the Ghost Festival is until I researched it recently. Also forgot about the water lanterns till I found a youtube video capturing the festival. Thank you again.

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