My 7 Links

My 7 Links is a project started by someone somewhere that basically asks bloggers to find 7 of their old posts for 7 different categories. Since I’m trying to light the proverbial blogging fire under my keister again, it seems like a good idea to help me out a little.

So without further blather, I give you my 7:

1. Your Most Beautiful Post:

This is probably the hardest one to choose, but I went with a one time event that I shot a few years ago.  It was the opening ceremonies for the 2009 Taipei Deaflympics, an international event that brought a lot of people to the city.  The city hired a carnival of-sorts to put on the opening show.  It was a really beautiful event with acrobats on cranes and balloons and I was quite happy with the images that I left with.

2. Your Most Popular Post:

Well this is kind-of a boring one, and I don’t have a lot to say about it.  But my most popular post is one of my first, all about how to make you own DIY softbox.  I guess it just had the right SEO.

3. Your Most Controversial Post:

That’s an easy one, it’s a step by step description on how to shoot travel portraits.  I posted this one back when I first started blogging and it never really got the attention I thought it deserved.  Then, just a few months ago, I wrote a guest post for a website that claims to be all about peace, loving and understanding in regards to travel photography.

Well, their peaceful, understanding, culturally sensitive readers and moderators absolutely ripped me a new one because they didn’t like two words in the post.  I found it funny that these pertentious jerks people who claim to be so perfectly culturally sensitive, would eviscerate me because they though I should use two different synonyms (in a 2,000 word post) when helping people learn how to take better photos.

4.  Your Most Helpful Post:

That’s kind of a tough one to decide, so I’ll go with one that gets a lot of hits, but not necessarily a lot of comments (I can only assume that because I wrote it so perfectly and no one has any questions…. ha! yeah, right)  It’s a post on one of my favorite passions in Taipei: Elephant Mountain.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

The success of the post on Jiufen, Taiwan surprises me a bit.  I guess just because I really didn’t put much effort into it, but I guess that’s how it works sometimes:  The posts that I slave over for days get little attention and the ones I just quickly throw up become popular.

Travel to Jiufen, Taiwan

6. A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved:

I really don’t feel that any of them deserve that much attention, and I can’t think of one for this subject, so I’ll just go to statistics page and randomly pick one from the middle…  Ahhh, Awesome!  This was a quick post with some portraits of kindergarten kids that I used to teach.  TOO CUTE!!!

7. A Post That I am Most Proud Of:

I guess that I’m just happy with the photos in this post.  The writing isn’t particularly good, and I ended up writing a long update at the bottom because it got “Freshly Pressed” on the WordPress Home Page and received a lot of comments.  It also brings back to me great memories of a great place that I hope to visit again someday, the stunningly beautiful Myanmar (Burma).

Well, I guess that’s it.  I have to say that I feel a little self-absorbed after writing it, but it might help me get the “blog writing” juices flowing again.

I’d like to thank Rich John Matheson for nominating me to do this.


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5 thoughts on “My 7 Links

  1. Shawn Carson

    Hey Neil…interesting stuff as usual. It’s good to see you trying to get back into blogging. I have to say that both your and Stu’s blogs were part of what got me off my arse to actually come to Taiwan. Thanks and good luck with finding the motivation again.

  2. Hi Neil, I really enjoyed your post. My favourite is No. 5, I’m just not so sure about the effort that went into. All the practice and experience training your eye, brain, and soul make if feel effortless now.

    When doing street photography I actually love to shoot without looking trough the frame, I like to call this “Blind Framing”, most of the time the “accidents” are amazing and the compositions resulting are very interesting. I guess is the same case, once our internal eye is trained one cannot observe in a casual way.

  3. Hey Neil,

    Loved the Myanmar post and had an epiphany while reading your portrait post. All great information, but the two approaches were really interesting for me.

    I’d never thought of your trappin… er, receiving method for portraits.

    Looking forward to trying it out, thanks!

    • Thanks Rich. Just don’t forget to have ultimate tolerance for any difference of any culture other than your own, and zero tolerance for tongue-in-cheek references in yours. :P

  4. This photos are amazing. I love the composition, excellent work.
    Just wanted to pass on my congrats for putting together a great group of photographers. These shots are all wonderful. It’s hard to pick a favorite from this group. Thanks for sharing!

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