Random Taiwan Images

Here are my most recent “random” images from Taiwan.  It’s quite a mish-mash this time with images from the beach, the mountains, the city, a drainage ditch in Banqiao, and even one from a night club.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone over at Taiwanderful.net for holding the yearly “Best Taiwan Blog Award”.  I’m very honored to report that I’m a co-winner this year for the Best Overall Taiwan Blog and the Best Taiwan Photography Blog!  I’ll be sure to keep up the posting and I have a few new blog posts simmering that I should be able to put up in the near future.  Thanks everyone!

This first image was featured in a album on my facebook page called “Critique Me.”  If you’re trying to progress as a photographer, I would highly recommend asking for critiques from your peers.  It’s an invaluable way to get a different perspective of your images.  (Just don’t forget to wear your thick skin!)

Taiwan Economic Contrast

Old world meets new in a Taipei, Taiwan alley.

Ed probably deserves his own post for these next few images.  Most of them are a few months old, but he has really been busting.

Ed blasting with a wall ride.
Taiwan - BMX
Ed in Banqiao, Taiwan.
Taiwan - BMX

Ed with a ditch jump in Banqiao, Taiwan.

Taiwan - Fulong Beach Sunset and Chopstick Toss

Summer, over.

Taiwan - Fulong Beach Wave and Sunset

Sunset at Fulong Beach, Taiwan.

Taiwan - Hiking near Pingxi

A nice trail near Pingxi, Taiwan.

Taiwan - Soundman at The Wall

Aphasia's sound man at The Wall, in Taipei, Taiwan.

The last two are ones that I should have probably put in my “Critique Me” album.  I think they’re are both a bit awkward.  I just don’t like shooting people from behind.  I feel that you almost always need to see a person’s face to feel their emotions on the situation (The image of the soundman (above) is one of the few that works for me).  In both of the temple images, I was also really limited with the angle that I could shoot from, and I guess that leaves me a little unsatisfied.  What do you think?

Taiwan - Buddhism

Buddhist nuns chant in a small temple on Tiger Mountain, Taiwan.

Taiwan - Daoist Temple

Women chant in a Daoist temple on Elephant Mountain, Taiwan.


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7 thoughts on “Random Taiwan Images

  1. Shawn Carson

    Fantastic as usual Neil. That first one ‘Old meets new’ is particularly well done.

  2. These photos give me a key to unlock the door of the east, so I can see the life and wordlessly beautiful country of Taiwan!
    Thank You!

  3. Great mixture of urban and nature photos!

  4. Thanks everyone!

  5. Douglas Park

    this is a really really awesome piece of art.

  6. michael

    really nice photos – it reminds me of how much i like and miss taiwan.

  7. missystarlet

    Love the pics! Brings back great memories!

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