Exit 3 – A Study in Light

Had a great time shooting some beautiful light tonight so I though I’d share.

The following photos were all shot within about a 30 minute period in the late afternoon here in Taipei.  I shot 270 images in that time, and decided to share the best here, and make a video of the rest.

Every image was made with a 50mm lens set at various settings and they were only lightly retouched in post.  They’re all in chronological order, except for the first one.  What’s important though, is to look at the light, how it changes, and the things that can be done with it.



Stairway 1

All the photos in this series were taken within a 30 minute period here in sunny Taipei, Taiwan.

Stairway 12

Stairway 11

Stairway 10

Stairway 9

Stairway 8

Stairway 7

All the photos in this series were taken within a 30 minute period here in sunny Taipei, Taiwan.

Stairway 5

Stairway 4

Stairway 3

Stairway 2

For the last one, I just had to go to the top and take a shot looking down!

Here’s the video of every one of the 270 photos I took:


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8 thoughts on “Exit 3 – A Study in Light

  1. Good observation. I shoot those exit lights quite often.

  2. Absolutely beautiful shots – I was cursing these same stairs while in Taipei last week for the first time. I took a shot with my iPhone to complain about them, but probably should’ve pulled out the D5000 after all!

  3. adebond

    This really demonstrates how photography is all about the light. The first shot is exceptional too.

  4. Erica

    hi neil,
    came across this post while researching possible locations for a short film i’m shooting in taiwan. just wanted to say i love the video compilation! it’s almost like a short film just observing people that use the metro…kind of just going on with their lives…the briefest of glimpses, but the images kind of stay with you. thanks for the inspiration =)

  5. Neil,

    I’m so lucky to have found this wandering around with search words: taipei+photography+sites. I just got myself a DSLR and have absolutely no idea how to use it. So it’s sheer luck that you’ve got this nice little blog right here.

    Which station is this taken from? Guting?


    • Hi Nel, thanks for the nice words. Those photos are shot at the Yongchun MRT Station… Exit 5, I think.
      Let me know if you have any questions!

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