Three Ways to Get Inspired

It’s been a looong time since I’ve posted one of these.  The main reason is that I now have a fan page on facebook, and I’ll often share stuff like this over there.

But recently, I’ve come across sooo many inspiring websites, videos and blogs that I thought I’d share a few.

The first is a nearly hour long interview with Tim Mantoani for Photoshelter.  A bit long for the casual viewer, but one of the best interviews with anyone, on any subject that I’ve ever seen.  His passion for photography will definitely rub off on you.  Definitely a must see for anyone working in a creative field.

Please continue reading for more inspiration.

The second comes from none other than Chase Jarvis.  Some people think that Chase is a little pompous and over-the-top with a lot of things but I disagree.  The man is an outstanding photographer/director and has more passion in his little finger than most do in their whole bodies.  I like the little snippet of inspiration that he recently posted so much, that I’m not going to post a link.  Instead, I’ll actually copy and paste an excerpt from it (bold, I know) so you can read it here:

“For the Love of Photography”

“…But where is your love of pictures?
Where are your actions that back this up?
Can you pick up a book of photographs and get lost in it?
Can you walk around with your iPhone or Android or your point and shoot or whatever and take 100 pictures knowing that they’ll never be for a client or a portfolio?
Do you love hunting for pictures?

Will you stay up late or get up early for pictures?
Do you sometimes ‘see’ life as a photograph?…”

-It reads like poetry to me and really hits home.  Read the whole thing and find much more inspiration, on Chase’s excellent blog.

Number three is a set of links that I often browse through before going out on a portrait assignment.  I find that looking at other portrait photographers’ different styles helps me to refine my own.

  • An old friend of mine that has taught me most of what I know about the business of photography is David Moser in Philadelphia.  He’s one of the best environmental portrait photographers in the business and a hell of a nice guy.
  • Brad Trent of Damn Ugly Photography is another environmental portrait photographer that inspires me, and many others.  He has a very interesting gallery called Artificial Portraits that shows many of his lighting set ups.
  • Another photographer from Philadelphia that I had the pleasure of working with is Bill Cramer.  He has a very unique style that I don’t necessarily want to imitate, but I love to look at.  He is also the CEO and creator of Wonderful Machine, a company that represents photographers and has a blog you should be reading if you have pro-photographer aspirations.
  • The last one is from Michael Clark.  He’s a photographer that I can really relate to.  Exciting adventure and solid portraits can be found all over his website.


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One thought on “Three Ways to Get Inspired

  1. I recently bought Michael Clark’s book. An excellent read. Matt Brandon has an hour or so long interview with Michael that’s worth a listen.

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