Random Taiwan Images

Been busy lately.  Haven’t been out shooting the fun personal projects that I’d like to be shooting, but hopefully I’ll have a little more time over the next few weeks.  So, instead of a full sized blog post on a project, I offer you some random images from Taiwan that I’ve recently shot.

It’s quite a mish-mash this time, with photos like the peaceful one below, to skateboarding, to screaming heavy metal bands.

The Taipei City Skyline and Taipei 101 and a swastika carved into a rock

Two swastikas are carved into a boulder facing Taipei, Taiwan. The swastika is a symbol of peace in the Buddhist religion.

NAtural Hot Springs in Yangming Shan, Taiwan

A natural, wild hot spring in Yangming Shan Park, Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei Street at Night

Traffic and confusion

In-camera multiple exposure.

Skateboarding in Taipei, Taiwan.

Skateboarding in Taipei, Taiwan.

Ed Woods in Ximen Ding

The Japanese heavy metal band Ed Woods plays at VU in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Japanese heavy metal band Ed Woods plays at VU in Taipei, Taiwan.

If you’d like to get a sneak preview of some of my images before I post them here, follow my fan page on Facebook.

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3 thoughts on “Random Taiwan Images

  1. Nice handful of photos. The concert pics look great!

  2. Skies of Bitan

    Quck, somebody call the ADL!

    As a wannabe photographer of over 30 years I appreciate your insights.

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