Random Photos from Taiwan

Here’s the latest batch of photography from Taiwan. Just some random pictures that I’ve come across in my daily adventures.

Check out my new website and archive for more photography from Taiwan.

Taiwan - Camping under the Stars

Our camp, high atop SongLuo Hu (松羅湖)... another mountain lake.

Hiking in the Rain

Long story short: We went hiking camping to SongLuo Hu mountain lake, near Yilan, Taiwan. The evening was nice, but after we went to sleep, a torrential rain started coming down and the lake swelled up and nearly engulfed our tents... This picture reminds me that we can have fun, even under terrible circumstances.

To read more about the two pictures above, go to Hiking Taiwan.

Taipei, Taiwan - Dog in Alley

I've been wanting to shoot more in these alleyways that are all over Taipei. This one isn't really my favorite, but it's a start.

Skateboarder Portrait

I like rolling up to the skate spot and seeing my friends sitting in nice light. Taipei, Taiwan.

A skateboarder rides by a sunset

A skateboarder rolls by a nice sunset in MuZha, Taiwan.

Taipei, Taiwan - BiShan (碧山) Temple

The entrance to BiShan (碧山) mountain temple just outside of Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei, Taiwan - Modern Architecture

The reflection of Taipei 101 in a new building in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei City - Skyline and Sunset

Sunset over Taipei city as seen from Lion Mountain, Taiwan.

To see more of my photography, check out my portfolio and archive website.


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3 thoughts on “Random Photos from Taiwan

  1. Gorgeous

  2. rantingcynic

    I love every single one of these photos. Good work!

  3. Splendid shot!

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