Light Graffiti – Animation

Here it is:  The next step of our light graffiti.

Everything frame of this video was shot with Nikon D700 (A still camera, not a video camera) and edited in Apple Aperture and imovie.  I think we’re just in the beginning stages of learning this technique, so hopefully we’ll have a lot more for you in the future.


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19 thoughts on “Light Graffiti – Animation

  1. Neil,
    These are fantastic. May I stick this up on Also, would you be interested in doing something like this for a party pre-video? Maybe the next time we do an event I can get some budget for this? thanks

  2. Excellent work. Very fresh and creative.

  3. Great stuff Neil! Really cool, and yeah we should get together and talk sometime …

  4. Awesome technique and execution. Looking forward to how you develop this.

  5. This is really great. I must try it out. Are all the photos single shot or have some of them been made from multiple exposures?

    • Thanks. The more complicated still shots are multiple exposures put together in Photoshop. The animation however, is straight out of the camera.

  6. Hi Neil,

    real cool stuff, fascinating and really starts up the little cells up there with the question “How did he do this…” a couple of times when watching it… Good stuff…

    Cheers, Michael

  7. Awesome video Neil (and light artists)!

  8. Joan Watson

    Hi Neil,

    This is awesome and since I know nothing about the technical aspect, I can’t even fathom how it’s done with a still camera. Hope all is well and that I get to see you sometime soon!

    xoxo, Joan

  9. St John

    Hi Neil

    I’ve been about your blog a few times. Your work is great. The change is coming… digital cameras brought us to easier to make images and slowly the still merges with the moving.

    A different angle but in the same future ballpark I found was something recently done by Alexx Henry ( )

    Its happening.

    Take care
    St John

    • You’re right. In ten years time, there will be a lot less still photographers, and a lot more videographers out there. It’s time to keep up with the Jones’s.

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  11. interesting technique with lots of potential within !

  12. Hi Neil, St John, it depends on the personality of the artist and what he wants to express thru the photography. still pictures give a certain feeling which is lost or differently captured thru motion pictures. i guess the photographer who knows himself better is the one who knows which tecnique is more appropriate in a precise moment to channel what he needs to channel ~ Cheers, r

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