Urban Skimboarding

There are currently three typhoons out in the Western Pacific.  Two of them are forecasted to hit Taiwan next week.  This has most people scared, but it has me excited.  During the last typhoon, I went out with my buddy Ed to do some “Urban Skimboarding” and I’m hoping conditions will be good this week for some more photos and fun.

Skimboarding at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Before everybody freaks out and tell me that we were crazy to go out in a typhoon, I’ll have you know that we waited until the winds died down and we knew that we wouldn’t get our heads chopped off by any flying metal fences.  After that, it was nothing but cruising on the scooters and looking for puddles…  And while Typhoon Morakot caused the worst destruction in southern Taiwan in 50 years, it barely got above a hard rain up here in Taipei. 

(If you still want to help victims of the typhoon or any disaster, one of the best organizations to give to is the Red Cross.  Also, if anyone knows of any other organizations directly linked to Morakot please leave a link in the comments because I know they still need help.)

The only technical note I want to leave is that the above photo was shot with two strobes to camera left and camera right, fired with Cybersyncs on manual output settings.  The one to the left is my key light and the one to the right is snooted and pointed at Ed’s feet.

The two below were shot with a single strobe, one to left and one to right, respectively.  The shots below were both shot with the new wireless TTL technology… and it obviously let me down.  The first is way overexposed and the second is underexposed (I attempted to make up for it in Photoshop).

All I can say is that while this wireless TTL flash technology has its benefits, it also has its limitations.  So if you’re learning wireless flash photography and you’re 100% relying on wireless TTL, it’s a good idea to learn it the old fashioned way as well.

Sorry, but this was another quick write-up.  If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I’ll answer them when I get a chance.


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11 thoughts on “Urban Skimboarding

  1. I’ve convinced now that you are just a wee bit crazy and THAT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME! :D

    • I’ve learned that life is a bit more fun when you’re a wee bit crazy! (And surround yourself with equally crazy friends!)

  2. That griptape style is wack! but a lovely wacked it is. SWEET PHOTOS!!

  3. As long as my leg doesn’t wanna fall off..

  4. This is “Surfing in the Memorial Hall”. Very cool, I love it! :) :)

  5. Such beautiful grip tape style is wack!, I like it very much.

  6. wiked cool, and awsome lighting. I think the contrast here of new and old school is great.

  7. therpeh

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  8. ahhhhhhhh like that green skimboard he he ………….lolz

  9. Photo shot is looking awesome. Me too love to ride skimboards and sometimes take clicks with my friends while skimbording.

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