Random Photos from Taiwan

It’s time for another edition of “Random Photographs from Taiwan.”

Whenever I have a handful of photos and no ideas for a specific post about them, they go into this category.

I guess it’s sort-of a weekly or bi-weekly gallery…


This first one was taken on my recent four day trip to promote tourism in Taiwan.  Most of the trip I was worried about getting video footage and not photos, but when whenever we had a few minutes to take some goofy pictures, we did.

Here, Phil from 老外的臺灣旅遊日記 (A travel blog in Chinese) jumps over me and my camera.  It’s definitely a quick and dirty shot, and I hope to take more with more proper lighting in the future…  On camera SB-800 shot TTL… 1/250 sec at f/22.  14-24mm at 14mm…  And the lens was real dirty from the previous four-wheeling shoot.

This next one is just a quickie, taken near the Bitan Bridge in Xindian, Taiwan.

The next two are taken from a nice observation point high above the hot spring resort town of Wulai, Taiwan 台灣烏來.

And the last offering just seems sort-of odd to me.  It’s a Daoist temple found in the middle of the road on the outskirts of Taipei.  Not only is it set in the middle of a traffic circle, but it’s raised 5 meters off the ground!

Thanks again for looking,

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5 thoughts on “Random Photos from Taiwan

  1. Michael Turton

    Lovely shots, Neil.

  2. Great shots! I especially like the view from the hot springs resort.

  3. Thanks guys!

  4. I really like the long exposure street shot. Great colors too it.

  5. Wow, It’s danamic moment.

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