Inspirational Links and Hosekeeping Notes

Photographers in Taiwan have it pretty good.  There are loads of clubs, groups and organizations that form a diverse community of creative people.

Today I have a few different things to talk about, but I’m going to start with the more interesting stuff, the Inspirational Photography Links.”

Specifically, I want to point out some of my favorite Flickr photographers.  Lately, I’ve been finding myself scrolling endlessly through the inspirational work by these diverse photographers.  I don’t think I’ve ever met any of these people, or even had correspondence with them, but I’d like to thank them for their inspiration by giving some link love:

First is my favorite abstract photographer, Happy715.  He has an eye for juxtaposition like no one I’ve ever come across.  I’ve often viewed his photostream in amazement, hoping to open my eyes to some of these beautiful everyday sights.

Next up are several that I’ll put in the “Lomographer” group.  I have no idea if all of them (or any of them) use Lomos, but they all have a beautiful artistic view of the world:  A-MI♥ Cherie ♥, Chia-Yi Lin, and 油姬 (particularly this one),  Thank you for your fine work.

Doing some great model photography is tyrandelf080.  And rounding out the the list are callbusybiz, alidarbac and Penelope’s Loom… each with their own style, and all three are members of flickr’s Taiwan Photo Club.

One other note from Flickr, Craig Fergusion has set up a very interesting “Photo Walk” for Taipei.  It’s an interesting social gathering for photographers started by Scott Kelby.  If you’re in Taipei, come out and join us; if you’re in just about any other city in the world, you can join here.

Housekeeping Notes:

You might have noticed that my URL has changed.  “Neil Wade’s Photography Blog” is now located at  All my old “” links should still work, but I’ve lost a little google mojo and might have lost some RSS subscribers…  Sorry, just hit the “Suscribe in a reader” and resubscribe.

I haven’t changed the name to “Taiwan Photography Blog” because, frankly, I just don’t think I can handle all that responsibility.  I’ll keep the name and the content the same…  again, “sorry” for any confusion.

One last thing is that I’ll be back in The US in September!  WHOO HOO!!!  I’ll be in Philly chillin’ with the parents for a few weeks, then I have an assignment in Colorado.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all the old “peeps” then!!!

(OK, Ill give you one photo - This one is from the last years Dragon Boat Festival in Xindian (Taipei), Taiwan.

(OK, I'll give you one photo - This one is from the last year's Dragon Boat Festival in Xindian (Taipei), Taiwan.


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4 thoughts on “Inspirational Links and Hosekeeping Notes

  1. Thanks for the plug for Photowalk. Speaking of which, you still need to click the confirm link in the email to officially register.

  2. After checking out that Happy715 guy I’m really impressed with his black and white work. Great stuff. I have recently started to like more and more those kind of shots, all the sudden it seems. Don’t know why, but I have really been enjoying that stuff.

    • I’ve been enjoying photos like that lately too. I’m impressed at people who can consistently find interesting lines and shapes like that… I can’t!

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