Inspirational Photography Links #7

Just one for you today.

I saw this video and it reminded me of what sets great photographers apart from good ones.  Besides the fact that it was shot with still images, both artists (the photographer and the painter) reminded me of some simple advice that I once heard.

I’d like to open it up to discussion and hear what you guys think.  (Please comment below!)

I’ll tell you what it reminded me of in a few days!

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8 thoughts on “Inspirational Photography Links #7

  1. It reminded me of Baraka.

  2. BigBald

    it reminded me that I love watching great creative actually being created. I love that work….super fluid. Nice find, tanx for sharin wif us.

    • Good point. I think that can be said about both the painter and the photographer. Fluidity is an art in its self.

  3. Baraka It’s my favorite film of all time. It really needs to be seen in 70mm widescreen cinema (seen it like that 3 times) but I have it on DVD as well. It’ll blow your mind – once Selina and I move into our new place in a few weeks, you can come over and watch it.

  4. Yeah, moving to Wanfang Community in a few weeks. Officially launching a commercial photography business this summer (been shooting mostly editorial up to now), and hopefully opening a studio in 2010.

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