Inspirational Photography Links #6

The first set of links is a bit like watching a video in high school…  I swear it even has the same commentator!  Someone posted three videos that Canon made to show people how their long glass is made.  Here’s the first, second and third in the series.  They might be a bit boring if you’re not a bit of a science or photo nerd.

Next to the blog of David Tejada.  I’m not sure exactly what to call it:  either “The F-Stops here” or “Annual Report Photographer”…  whatever, he has some good narratives and videos on small strobe lighting.

Number three is called PixSylated.  It’s another blog about small flash/strobe lighting and has LOADS of information.

And the last one is your cool, artsy link of the day.  I’ve linked to Simon Hogsberg before.  Remember “We’re All Gonna Die“?  This one is a project he did where he stopped random people on the street and asked them what they were thinking about at that very moment.  It’s called “The Thought Project.”  Cool.


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6 thoughts on “Inspirational Photography Links #6

  1. Good set of links. I’ve been a fan of David Tejada for a while now and just came across Pixsylated a few weeks ago.

    Here’s one for you. Zack Arias. Start with his Transform video and then browse from there. The website critiques he’s been doing lately are brilliant.

    • It’s funny, I almost posted that video of Scott Kelby on Zack Arias’s site a few weeks ago. It’s definitely done well.

  2. lol, I should have guessed that you already knew about it.

    • Yeah, I think once we start cruising all the more popular photo sites, we all run into the same stuff sooner or later.

  3. Ashish

    Great links there Neil. I always look forward to these posts in particular. I especially liked the thought project stuff. Just spent couple minutes there. I also saw the Transform video couple days back [got it from here] and loved it. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful stuff.

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