Lighting Lecture at the Taiwan Photo Club

The Taiwan Photo Club will be having its monthly meeting this Sunday, Feb 22 at noon at Yuma Southwestern Grill in Taipei.

These meetings are a lot of fun and if you live in Taiwan and would like to meet some other photographers stop-on-by!

The presentation this month will be on portrait lighting and given by yours truly.

Here’s a quick run-down of what I’m going to talk about:

The basic concept is how to get good lighting for portraits but I’ll also show you a few other ways that this stuff can be used for non-portraits. I want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn something, whether you just have a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR.

We’ll start talking about how to get good, natural lighting for portraits. I blogged about this a few weeks ago, and I’ll basically just review and elaborate on that.

Then we can start to talk about flashes and some good techniques that you can use to make your flash pictures look better. We’ll briefly talk about pop-up flashes and move to bigger on-camera flashes. Then we can get a bit more advanced and play around with off-camera lighting.

The cool thing about doing all this flash lighting is that we’ll be able to do it in real time. I’ll shoot all the flash pictures tethered to my laptop and we’ll be able to see the results instantly on the big screen at the restaurant. We can’t really use the natural lighting techniques because we’ll be in a basement, but I think all of that is easy enough to understand by just looking at some pictures and diagrams.

There’s a lot that we could talk about with these subjects, but I’ll try to move fast. At any point, I welcome questions and comments and other opinions, so let’s try to make this more of a discussion rather than a lecture!

I’ll write on my blog about it after we’re finished and I’ll include all the pictures and stuff. In the mean time, have a look at the blog on natural lighting for portraits to get a preview of the first part.

I hope to see you all there, and please don’t heckle me!  ;O)

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7 thoughts on “Lighting Lecture at the Taiwan Photo Club

  1. Ashish

    Its too bad I am gonna miss it. I will be in Changhua this weekend. Looking forward to see your blog about the presentation though. good luck :)

    • Thanks Ashish, sorry we’re going to miss you. I’ll try to get the blog up as quick as I can, but it might not be until mid-week.

  2. Hi Neil, thanks for Sunday and sorry that I had to leave, was rather busy that day. Made an efford and drove all way over from Shilin area to see your lecture and than it got delayed and the part I wanted to see most was too late for me. :(
    Anyway, thanks for the first part, had also some good information in and also thanks for the portraits. ;)

    • I feel really bad about all those problems we had in the beginning. It’s amazing how missing one 5 cm piece of wire can ruin your day. Fate wasn’t with us as neither the 3C or the Apple store had what we needed. I want to make the blog really good to make up for the bad presentation, so it might take me a little longer than I thought. I think I’m also going to do it in two segments: The first will be on using a flash that’s attached to the camera and the second for wireless flash. I’ve been so busy with other projects that I haven’t had time to start part 1 yet, but look for it by the weekend (hopefully!). :o)

  3. No problem, I am rather busy myself. I felt the whole thing was under too much time preassure anyways, meeting at 12, having lunch, than going out to shoot and still squeezing in all that different segments of how to use light.
    Just too much to talk about in that short time, no idea if it works out to do something like this once again but in a more relaxed atmosphere and maybe with more different stuff from other people brought along to. Could be with splitting it up in 2 segments, one before lunch and one after or so.
    But than again, it will be hard to get the time for something like that, thanks already that you took the time and effort for this time. Was interesting to hear your approach to “the light and the shadow”. ;)

    • Yeah, that was the thing. I wanted to do it quickly to begin with, and then after the delay I just felt so much pressure that I probably wasn’t even making any sense to most people. But I wanted to offer something to everyone, not just the more advanced guys. I probably should have dropped the 1st part about natural light, since it’s pretty easy to understand. I’m not sure if you were there for it, but a few of us were talking about having a more low key meeting with just the guys who want to work with the more advanced techniques. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

  4. Yes, I catched that part and the start of the flash part. We might have to think it a bit different as the group is really big now and the people reach from real beginners with maybe even just point-and-shots to really advanced guys.
    I guess it’s simply not posible to do such a topic like light in one session pleasing both sides. While the beginners might need even a bit more insight into basics it gets boring for the semi-pros and pros and when it gets interesting for them you might start losing the others because it’s to fast and too detailed.
    The low key meeting sounds good, let me know when you plan it. I can throw in the the green/blue screen we work with for the new buiness I try to start. It’s basically for video and about 2,5x4m but might be intersting to experiment with it too.

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