Inspirational Photography Links #3

A lazy, long holiday weekend has led me to some cool on-line discoveries.  I probably shouldn’t call this post “Inspirational Photography Links,” just “Links” or maybe “Nerdy Links” but I like to try to keep everything neat and orderly.

The first one is just cool…  And by “cool” I mean all my fellow nerds out there will like it.  It’s a page with some pictures from NASA’s landing rovers on the surface of Mars.  Scroll down about 6 pictures until you come to the animated gifs of dust devils rolling across the screen…  How cool is that?!?!

Number deux is one that the skaters and design nerds will like.  It’s a blog called Club Mumble and features the work of some talented skateboard photographers, designers and other nerds.  It gets updated, like 20 times a day so it’s a good one to check often.

Number 三 is for the all the professional and semi-pro photographers out there.  It’s a link to the U.S. Copyright office.  Copyrighting your photographs is incredibly important for many reasons, but basically if someone steals one of your pictures off the internet and tries to claim them as their own, it makes it a lot easier to prove that the picture is yours.  In these days of Flickr, facebook, and the crappy economy, you should protect yourself.  Even if you’re not a American citizen, I think this is still your best option.  It’s easy and cheap, so quit being lazy (like me) and get you pictures properly copyrighted!

The last one is for the travel nerds.  We can all bitch about how bad Lonely Planet Guidebooks can sometimes be, and yet we’re all out there carrying them around.  Well, they did something pretty cool for once; They are now allowing you to download specific sections from different books.  So if you’re going to visit a small part of China, you don’t have to buy the whole book and carry that heavy-assed thing (trust me) around with you. Just download the chapter you want, and pint it on your own printer… nice.

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