My New Website

Hello everybody,

I re-tuned my website with some fancy flash galleries, some new pics and the other stuff I listed below.

New Website:
I added some fancy new flash galleries and cleaned everything up a
bit.  There are new pictures in many of the galleries, but you’ll have
to sift though to find them, sorry.

New Book:
It’s nothing fancy, but I self published a book with pictures from my
travels.  It’s a little self-serving (complete with pictures of me in
the back), but it’s pretty cool.

Order Prints:
I’ve been a member of this photographers’ thingy for a while and just
realized that you can order prints from it.  If you ever wanted one of
my photos, here’s you chance.

I was in the USA a few weeks ago, and I wanted to say “Thanks again” to
everyone that I saw and “sorry” to everyone that I missed.  I had a
great time and I wish I had more time to hang out than I did.  Now some
of you need to come here and visit!

If you have any problems with the website or anything, let me know!
Also, if any of you have any links you’d like to share, Email me!  My
“Friends” section is looking a little bare!

Cheers, and Thanks for all the support over the years!

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